Tracey Thorn: By Tony Clayton-Lea


Here are a few thoughts by Tony Clayton-Lea on Tracey Thorn’s music, he will be interviewing her this evening in Smock Alley at 8pm.

“I’ve always been a fan of Everything But The Girl’s music, and I’ve always liked the dynamic between Tracey Thorn and her partner Ben Watt – it just seemed so directly honest the way it referenced their relationship without being in any way lachrymose or cheesy. I named my house after their album, Idlewild (unfortunately, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright just wouldn’t fit on the sign…) because my girlfriend and I fell in love to its soundtrack of emotive directness and sheer melodic class. Latterly, Tracey’s solo work has, I reckon, excelled that of her work with EBTG – she really seems to have fully found her voice, lyrically as much as anything else. And I love the fact that, as a woman in her 50’s, she remains as eminently relevant to anyone who wants to listen (but, I suppose, in this instance, to me) as she’s always been.” – Tony Clayton-Lea



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