Rebecca Solnit: Today!


Go and see the brilliant Rebecca Solnit today if you can. There are so many reasons why, but one of them is  A Book of Migrations (1997). It is essentially about her time wandering around Ireland, but is also a memoir of personal and family history, as well as exploring a nation’s complexity and poetry, with deft and great artistry.

In the midst of all our political and economic turmoil, it is too easy to forget what a majestic landscape we live in. When Solnit gets to the Cliffs of Moher she writes, “a deeper blue than my own churning gray Pacific, blue as though different dreams had been dumped into it, blue as ink.  I imagined filling a fountain pen with it and wondered what one would write with that ocean.”

She will be at Smock Alley at 2pm.



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