One City One Mic – A-Musing at Accents Café

Taking a step away from the more established spoken word nights, this week I’m featuring a recent addition to Dublin’s roster – A-Musing. Curated by poet David Hynes, A-Musing is a night of poetry, comedy and music downstairs in Accents Café on Stephen Street Lower. The venue is lovely – all cosy chairs and soft lighting, and it’s nice to see an event outside the usual venue of pub or bar. It does cause some problems though – the event is unplugged, and at times the chatter from upstairs does intrude a little on the proceedings.

There’s a good mix of performers, people you mightn’t have seen elsewhere, and it gives the impression of a great place to start your career as a performer – the crowd were enthusiastic and welcoming, and dropping a message to the Facebook page will likely get you considered for a slot.

It’s a relatively new event, and I got the impression they haven’t quite gelled with the venue yet, but that comes with time and getting a crowd, and A-Musing is definitely worth a look on a Sunday evening, especially as there’s no cover charge. Another few months of pulling in a good crowd, and this event will be one to watch.


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