Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Cover ImageOn Friday, March 14th, we asked our Facebook fans to suggest various story elements that we could build some flash fiction around. We got some fantastic responses so thank you for all your ideas. Kristi Michelle Barnes kicked off the proceedings with her suggestion of, “The edge of a cliff on a gusty day,” as one possible setting. Leslie Hogan intrigued us with her idea for a setting, sending us across the pond to “a Starbucks in New York City the day before the FDA bans caffeine.” We tip our hat to Lucy White who presented us with three proposals to ponder on. For a setting she pitched us “an empty ballroom.” and for characters she offered up two choices. First, a “person who talks so quietly that everyone has to lean in to hear them, and whose seeming lack of confidence is juxtaposed by their outrageously coloured/patterned/provocative clothing,” and finally she left us with the rather unsettling image of “an insomniac pushing an empty pram.”

The rules are simple. Each writer is given the list and has to craft a story around at least one story element. At least one but they are free to use as many as they wish. It will be very interesting to see how all these varied pieces might somehow slot together. All stories must come in at less than 1,000 words. (With a little leeway given for an errant word or two, of course) Keep an eye on here for when we post the tales.

To read some of the tales that sprung from such seeds click on the image below to be brought to that story:

Insomnia Cover Art   Between Shafts of Sunlight Cover Photo

The Last Day Cover Photo   JoyridersTo Walk Where Once He Danced Cover Photo


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